A simple InfluxDB Python client library. It is an alternative for the official InfluxDB Python client library.

Inflow officially supports Python 2.7 and up, but the latest Python 3 version is recommended.

InfluxDB is supported from version 1.0 and up.

Documentation is hosted on Read the Docs.

Source code can be found on GitHub.


This project is still very much in development, stuff might work, or not. API’s might change, or even be removed. So be careful. This message will be removed once a stable version is released.


You can write measurements in a few different ways, but writing a single “temperature” measurement is as simple as:

from inflow import Client
client = Client('http://username:pass@localhost:8086/databasename')
client.write('temperature', value=21.3)

For more examples and docs on how to use the client, go to Writing Measurements and Querying.


$ pip install inflow


Inflow is licensed under Mozilla Public License. © 2016 Advanced Climate Systems.